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so you all know i love zamwessell, she’s like a powerhouse when it comes to Cherik fandom, honestly, all of you who just started to cherik should check out her work, and the veterans on the fandom who by some reason DON’T know it or aren’t familiar with it should reset your priorities ;) THERE’S NO WAY YOU’LL REGRET IT 

This is harmless, except for some angst (oh Charles..) to spice things up, but i swear your hearts will still beat when you’re done with it 

I love this story so much that it’s on my Kindle so I can reread it when ever I want.

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Title: Seeing Sense (WIP)

Author: Anon

Prompt: Charles is a telepath, the strongest one ever recorded, but he’s also different from most other telepaths like Emma. Charles telepathy/mutation is more then just his ‘power’, it literally lets him communicate like a regular person. He’s actually a bit like Helen Keller. The only ‘senses’ he has without his power is ‘touch, taste and smell. His telepathy literally allows him to see the world and interact with people, his telepathy being his eyes, voice, and hearing. No one knows save for Charles’ now very dead parents, not even Raven knew.

So at some point the Brotherhood catches/kidnaps Charles and slaps a repression-collar on him, just to be safe since not all their members have a handy helmet while their keeping him prisoner. Erik and/or Raven come in with some food and try and talk to the oddly quite Charles, but up when he doesn’t speak or even look at them, just sitting there or moving around the room, running his hands across the walls of his cell seeming lost in thought. Its only after the third time to visit that Erik realizes and realizes that something is very wrong. Emma is called in after both Erik and Raven are starting to really freak out.

After it becomes clear what is wrong and the ‘truth’ of Charles’ powers come to light, Erik promptly rips off the suppression-collar. He then sits down and holds Charles watching as Charles’ senses slowly return and is once again ‘seeing and hearing’ him, a new understanding between them.

Why Everyone Should Read It: Oh god. Is “because I said so a reason?” It fills the important part of the prompt. We get to see Charles not only without his telepathy, but also without sight or hearing. In Emma’s place the author has put in Riptide, who is the only sensical person in the Brotherhood. The descriptions of the sensory deprivation from Charles point of view are enough to suck you into his dark, quiet, lonely world. And the descriptions of how he appears from the outside are brilliant as well. And it keeps hinting at Charles having a less than stellar childhood.

This has been added to stories that I check everyday. And I hope that everyone that reads it enjoys it as much as I have.

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Last time on the “Nobody Is Actually Reading This Anyway” show, I recommended a novel-length fic, so this time I’m going to give three short ones instead. All three of these were authored anonymously on one of the kink memes.

(1) Gods and Monsters. Charles and Erik argue about power and responsibility, and Charles provides a truly breathtaking demonstration of what one can mean without the other.
Link: http://1stclass-kink.livejournal.com/4418.html?thread=7129410#t7129410 

(2) Promises to Keep. Charles and Erik are captured, and Charles tries to protect Erik’s mind from what’s being done to them. Gut-wrenching. You are warned. I’ve read this so many times, and it never fails to leave me a sobbing mess.
Link: http://1stclass-kink.livejournal.com/7315.html?thread=13360787#t13360787

(3) Weightless. A Charles-POV expansion of one of my absolute favorite moments in the movie — Erik protecting Charles during the crashing of the Blackbird.
Link: http://1stclass-kink.livejournal.com/3115.html?thread=4761387#t4761387 

Of course I read your recs. Usually I’m grinning and nodding agreement, but to my delight I am unfamiliar with these three. Thank you!

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0113 2
Fan Art for Of kittens and teacups and love :)

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Everyday Love in Stockholm - I just found this fic and it is so amazing that I could not help but draw this scene! It made me stop reading it halfway through just so I could get these pages out. I’m sorry they seem so sloppy… OTL PLEASE READ IT! It’s AMAZING!

Oh, god, goosebumps and tears! Awesome art for an awesome fic.

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