1. I Found It!

    I found the fic I was looking for. I’ve been on fanfiction.net all night (because I kind of remembered it being there) and finally it is mine.

    The story is The Key to My Heart by Anath Tsurugi.

  2. Responses to my Fic Search

    I’ll start this by saying that I still don’t think it’s been found.
    well, there is this: fanfiction.net/s/72643… but I’m not sure if it’s the one you’re thinking of…

    WWIII by LoveFueledHate
    on FanFiction.net

    This story is very good, and I’m still working my way through reading it. I don’t remember it, so I don’t think it’s the one I’m looking for.

    The only thing that comes to mind is this…http://xmen-firstkink.livejournal.com/7736.html?thread=14997048&#t14997048

    Ruiner by Anonymous
    on X-Men First Kink

    This is definitely a story that I check in my bookmarks everyday because it is amazing. But it’s not the one I’m looking for.

    I’m not sure but I think it’s this fic, if it’s not then I suggest it. It’s StarRose LiveJournal series We Met at the Park. Hope it helps.

    We Met At The Park by Starrose
    on LiveJournal

    I don’t think I’ve read this, though I definitely intend to now. But nope. I’m definitely looking for a fic where they have powers because all I can remember is Shaw/Frost using sedatives to wreak havoc on Charles’ mental shields.